nursery is excellent

We think the nursery is really excellent and the staff work very hard to deliver a really valuable service and support children very well. We can’t praise the staff highly enough’

Keyworker most thoughtful person

Our Son’s current keyworker is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever encountered. She goes to extraordinary lengths to understand what makes our son tick, what he enjoys and what motivates him. From taking time to understand how to calm him to basing craft activities around his favourite characters and noticing his love… Read more »

daughter clearly loves nursery

Our daughter clearly loves nursery and we feel happy that she has a place at Chiltern College. She is thriving with the interaction with the adults and children that she spends time with and also the structured play opportunities that you provide

introductory sessions were good

Nothing could have been improved regarding the settling in process. We were quite nervous about how it would go but actually things settled down well and the initial visits and introductory sessions were good

keyworker easy to talk to

Our keyworker is exceptionally good. She knows him and his little ways/moods as well as we do. She is very easy to talk to and I feel she has our son’s best interests at heart at all times

The staff are brilliant

The staff are brilliant. They always take time to greet the children and (if the child doesn’t rush straight in, throw his coat off and join his mates) engage them in some form of activity in a very natural