approachable & friendly

The staff are very approachable and friendly. Everyone smiles at you when you arrive at the start and end of the day, even if they are not the key worker for your child, which creates a very welcoming and reassuring environment. My son’s room is calm but happy and the staff are totally in control,… Read more »

incredibly friendly staff

The staff are incredibly friendly both in person and over the phone. They always take the time to answer any questions and are incredibly helpful

supportive staff

The staff are always asking how my son is and are very clued in to what is going on for him and the family. Whenever there is an issue (e.g. dropping naps) they are easy to speak to and supportive. I cannot find anything that could be improved.

staff are excellent

We really do think that the staff are excellent and always give us lots of information on what our child has been doing, how she has been on any given day and we really appreciate how they give us regular nursery reports on progress