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Message for our Nursery Parents and Staff: coronavirus

As everyone will be aware, we are experiencing a time of great change and some uncertainty as a result of the impact of the coronavirus.  I would like to thank parents for the support and good wishes we have received and their understanding of the difficulties we, and indeed everyone else, are experiencing as a result of this.  We would also like to thank those parents who have offered to continue to contribute financially.  We will be applying for the Government’s Staff Retention Scheme, which should mean that we are not asking for contributions from parents at the moment and we very much hope this will continue to be the case.  We know it is an unsettling time for our staff team and would like to thank them for their support.  We send our very best wishes to parents and their families and all our staff and we very much look forward to seeing everyone when we can re-open. 

We are currently putting together some links to activities that parents may find useful to use with their children during the closure.  An email will be sent out to all nursery parents in the early part of next week (w/c 30th April 2020). 

Just a reminder to use only the out of hours email to communicate with us if you should need to.  The email is outofhours@chilternntc.com

Best wishes,

Chris Lawrence


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