Chiltern Nursery & Training College (CNTC)

Quality early years care, education and training since 1931

High Quality Care

Supportive and Homely Environment

Engaging & Stimulating Interaction

Excellent Standards of Early Years Training

We consider these factors when brought together, to be key in delivering the care, support, and education that nurtures and inspires young children. 

By complementing family life we can help bring out the true potential of every child at CNTC. 

“Our daughter clearly loves nursery and we feel happy that she has a place at Chiltern College. She is thriving with the interaction with the adults and children that she spends time with and also the structured play opportunities that you provide.”
Parent of a child attending CNTC


“Sending our son to Chiltern was the best decision ever.“
Parent of a child attending CNTC

Why choose chiltern?

With so many options to choose from, how can I be sure that Chiltern is the right decision for my family?

High Staff/Child Ratio

We are able to offer fantastic Staff/Child ratios here at CNTC (1:3 for under 2’s and 1:4 capped for all children 2+) which ensures that every child’s needs, development, personality and preferences are carefully understood and taken into consideration throughout every interaction whilst with us.

Quality of Care Provision

‘Over and above’ is a standard that we aim for when it comes to the quality of care we deliver. Our approach is truly child led and tailored utilising close working communication with parents to establish appropriate routine of care and education for each individual child.

Food Prepared From Scratch

In line with ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ initiative, we have designed our menus to fuel little bodies with plenty of healthy and satisfying foods, prepared and cooked from scratch, helping them develop healthy eating habits, self-help skills and give them energy to take on the day.

Extensive Grounds

The stunning location of CNTC is a huge bonus and a key factor that many of our families have found to be a ‘no brainer’ in making their decision. Our outside space provides safe but abundant opportunity for the children to do lots of exploring, learn about nature, and socialise with other children in beautiful surroundings.

On-site Training & One-to-One Assessment

We truly believe in quality early years education to uphold our standard of service delivery to all families at CNTC. With this in mind, our approach to training new trainees and qualified staff members at our Training College is thorough and our standards are high!

A Home from Home – Warm & Welcoming Environment

We help to bridge the gap between home and nursery by creating a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for your child to truly flourish; complementing their existing routines and family life at home.

Chiltern Nursery & Training College is a registered charity and has enjoyed a varied history since its creation back in 1931 by Miss Elizabeth Halliday, a qualified midwife. Chiltern’s focus has always been on the wellbeing of the children and delivering high quality childcare training.

Chiltern began as a small babies nursing home with live-in students before transitioning to offer full time residential care for many children during the 2nd World War.
During the 60’s, the current site operated as a maternity home before being extended to offer better tutorial facilities and accommodation for students.
Eventually, in the early 80’s as residential care ceased as a requirement, Chiltern settled into its current operation as an established early years education and day nursery facility.

Throughout the changes in both size and service over the years Chiltern Nursery & Training College still holds dear the same fundamental pillars on which it was founded.

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