Our Nursery - A Home from Home

The nursery provides a safe and supportive environment with specialised buildings and extensive grounds for children aged 2 months to 5 years to play, learn, grow and thrive.

As the world constantly changes around us, one thing has always stayed the same, children are the heart and soul of everything that we do.

Parents as Partners

It is a priority for us to work in partnership with the parents/guardians of each child to ensure all needs are met and that the transition between home and nursery is as smooth as possible.

We operate an open door policy and welcome parents into the nursery at all times. This can include settling in visits set up prior to starting at nursery to make sure that you and your child are happy.

During your child’s time at nursery, our friendly staff will keep you informed about all aspects of your child’s care and will communicate with you in a way that is convenient to you.
“Staff have worked so hard with our daughter, showing her love, encouragement and support and have been instrumental in her development to the spritely girl she is today”. From a parent of a child who attends CNTC
Parent of a child attending CNTC

Learning & Development

We use the OFSTED recommended Early Year Foundation Stage Framework, EYFS to guide the learning, development and care at CNTC.

Development is supported around 3 prime areas:

Communication and Language

Physical Development, 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Whilst learning focuses on the following 4 areas:

Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design

“Thanks for all your and the teams hard work for preparing our daughter and all the children for transition from nursery to school. It is much appreciated, especially in these unprecedented times”.
Parent of a child attending CNTC

A day in the life at Nursery

We aim to make every day that your child spends at nursery a fun, enjoyable and educational experience! We facilitate a huge range of developmental and age appropriate activities and stimulating experiences throughout our various nursery rooms, soft play rooms and beautiful safe gardens.

Child-Led & Tailored Approach

We prioritise the development of the children, and ensure that every child is given the support to develop at their own pace and to their full potential.

Alongside their key person, we create a tailored approach taking into consideration the unique personality, preferences and needs of each child as an individual.

Sleep & Rest

Throughout their time at nursery, your child will be given opportunities to rest and/or sleep. Their individual needs and requirements will be discussed with parents and worked into their daily routine at nursery as much as possible.

We welcome you to bring any comfort items that might help your child to feel more comfortable and settled such as blankets or toys.

Eat Better, Start Better

We love mealtimes! With lots of yummy food prepared from scratch in our kitchen, mealtimes offer a great opportunity for children to develop socially, increase their self-help skills and develop healthy eating habits.

Our menus are designed in line with guidelines from the foundation years Eat Better, Start Better campaign and are well-balanced, varied and nutritious.

Your child can relax and enjoy a morning snack, main meal at lunch and a light tea in the afternoon as appropriate with their age and individual dietary needs.
“The staff are very approachable and friendly. Everyone smiles at you when you arrive at the start and end of the day, even if they are not the key worker for your child, which creates a very welcoming and reassuring environment. My son’s room is calm but happy and the staff are totally in control, so they are able to chat to you when you arrive and are not ‘firefighting’ issues with other children.”
Parent of a child attending CNTC


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